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Being one of the longest licensees of Sunkist, striving to be the best in meeting the ever-changing consumer’s needs has always been one of our key missions and important commitments. We take pride in bringing quality assured products to 7 million Hong Kong people to fulfill their expectation on a global scale.

For decades, Sunkist have been building a reputation for delivering the rich, authentic taste of the real fruits with a wide range of products, from carbonated soft drinks in cans to the Premium juice range in various pack sizes.

Most recently, Sunkist also developed a variety of beverage series such as:

  • The Sparkling Series - with real juice contents in PET bottles, which delivers fresh aroma on what’s in season to bring refreshing, thirst quenching and energizing experience to consumers;
  • Light Juice Series - to provide refreshing, low sugar and low calorie options for casual consumption;
  • Fruit Tea Series - to excite consumers who are health-conscious but also look for flavors.

Exploring different market opportunities and studying consumers’ behavior helps Sunkist to successfully build up an image of a trendy juice expert – providing the “real taste of fruit” to energize the Hong Kong juice beverage market.

To find out more about Sunkist:

  • Click here to visit Sunkist's corporate website

Vital Statistics

  • Established a close partnership with A.S. Watson Group for over 30 years
  • The only licensee of Sunkist that develop the most SKUs and product variety
  • The first licensee of Sunkist that initiate trading business from other Sunkist licensees in 2014
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